A Provincial Approach To Planning Child And Youth Health Services 

System planning for children's health services is a major area of focus for Child Health BC and its provincial partners (health authorities, ministries, provincial organizations).

The TIERS OF SERVICE FRAMEWORK provides a tool to define and plan such services. 

Tiers of Service introduction video

Six-Tiered System of Service 

The Tiers of Service Framework includes 6 tiers, with Tier 1 offering a wide breadth service and Tier 6 offering a specialized service, often requiring critical interdependencies. 

Six Tiers of Service graphic

Each tier is important and has a unique role to play. The system as a whole functions best when all the Tiers know and accomplish their responsibilities and fulfill their requirements. Each tier relies on the next and, together, services for children and youth are strengthened.

Tiers Of Service Approach 

The Tiers of Service approach includes:
Creation of a series of modules: For each major area of health services, a Tiers of Service module has been created.  

A standardized methodology is used for development of initial modules and module refreshes

Self-assessment based on the modules: Once a module is finalized and accepted by the key partners in the province, a self-assessment is completed. A standardized methodology is used for the self-assessment process after development of a new module, after a module refresh and between module development and refresh cycles.

System planning and service planning based on self-assessment results: Using the self-assessment results, several reports are developed:

  • HA/regional reports: Supports system planning
  • Facility/organizational reports: Supports operational planning
  • Provincial summary; Supports provincial planning and quality improvement 

Completed Tiers of Service Modules

The following six modules are complete, have been accepted by the key provincial partners, and can be found at the below links:

Clinical Service Modules:

Clinical Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services Modules:

  • Children's Laboratory, Pathology & Transfusion Medicine (with Perinatal Services BC)

The Tiers at a Glance section provides an overview of Children's Health Care Services. It provides the highlights of all of the Tiers of Service modules.