Pediatric Critical Care

The Pediatric Critical Outreach Project is being led in collaboration by BC Children’s Hospital PICU Team and Child Health BC with the vision to better support both the critically ill children while they are in their home community, as well as the clinicians who care for them. 


  • GoodSAM Platform - introducing GoodSAM, a video conference platform available as an addition during pediatric critical care transport consultation calls.
    Watch the Information Session on GoodSAM: Video Assisted PICU Consultation here.
  • PCCL Poster - information about, and a link to register for the next Pediatric Critical Care Learning (PCCL) Session.
  • Pediatric Critical Care Support Tools - tools that health-care providers can access to support for urgent and non-urgent pediatrics in British Columbia. 
  • REACH out Newsletter - updates on this initiative and the different offerings within virtual clinical support, education and follow up care.