About Child Health BC

Children in circle

British Columbia is home to nearly one million children and, geographically, is bigger than the states of Washington, Oregon and California combined.

Across our province, many healthcare providers, including policy makers, health administrators, clinicians, operational and physician leaders, and community partners are actively involved in supporting children, youth and their families achieve the best possible health. As a Health Improvement Network, Child Health BC brings together provincial expertise, regional leadership and community and patient partners to identify opportunities for improvement and facilitate provincial wide solutions to improve the experience and delivery of health services for the children and youth across BC. See partners for more information about Child Health BC’s provincial network.

Child Health BC has been established through the generous support and leadership from BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. This inspiring commitment provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build an accessible system of service for BC’s children and youth.

Child Health BC is accountable to the Executive Vice President Provincial Clinical Policy, Planning and Partnership at the Provincial Health Services Authority.

Child Health BC’s provincial work, as outlined in the CHBC Action Plan, is undertaken by the CHBC Team and led by Executive Director, Jennifer Scarr.

CHBC welcomes you to this website to learn more about our work. Please contact us with any questions you have or if you want to get involved!