Pediatric Foundations

Pediatric Resource Bundles: Clinical Support Tools and Practice Support Documents

There has been an increased demand for pediatric care education resources at health care sites across the province. Child Health BC has partnered with BC Children’s Hospital to create pediatric Resource Bundles to support the provision of safe and effective care for children in BC. The bundles consist of a robust selection of Learning Resources, Clinical Support Tools, and Practice Support Documents to assist healthcare providers in managing the care of pediatric patients. Please note, these bundles are for reference and are not meant to replace your local & regional policies, procedures and guidelines for care.  

The Pediatric Resource Bundles are meant to compliment the following e-Learning modules:

Pediatric Foundations Online Module


Through interactive case studies, rich media, and practical advice, this 90-minute UBC CPD eLearning course highlights the crucial differences between caring for adults and children. This course guides learners through three lessons:   

  • The Fundamentals of Pediatrics  
  • The Pediatric Assessment  
  • The Principles of Pediatric Medication Administration  

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Children and Youth at Risk of Clinical Deterioration (PEWS)


This two-hour LearningHub eLearning course will provide the necessary knowledge and tools to assist in the development of pediatric competencies required to care for at risk pediatric patients. 

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BC PEWS ED for Nurses


This one-hour LearningHub eLearning course will introduce you to the components of the Pediatric Early Warning System used in BC Emergency and Urgent Care Settings to help identify children and youth who may be at risk for clinical deterioration. 

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BC PEWS for Physicians Working in InPatient and Emergency/Urgent Care Settings


Developed in collaboration with UBC CPD, this 30-minute eLearning course will introduce you to the Pediatric Early Warning System (PEWS), with the intent to provide you with the knowledge and skills to improve the care of your patients. 

This course is divided into three lessons: 

  • What is BC PEWS? 
  • Components of BC PEWS 
  • Case Review 

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BC PEWS Refresher Course


This 30 minute LearningHub eLearning course will refresh you on the components of PEWS and how and when to use in both emergency and inpatient settings. The course is interactive and will include an opportunity to score using case scenarios.  

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