National spotlight: Child Health BC takes the virtual stage at annual conference

Child Health BC team members were selected to share their learnings during the pandemic at this year’s Children’s Healthcare Canada conference.

The pandemic has presented extraordinary challenges to patients and the health system. Amidst this backdrop, health teams across the country have adapted and reimagined the way they work to continue supporting children and their families.

The theme of 2021’s Children’s Healthcare Canada conference focused on the next chapter for children’s health. Six Child Health BC team members were selected to deliver rapid fire 5-minute virtual presentations about their team’s learnings or research to health colleagues across Canada. The presentations were followed by a Q&A session. Presenters spoke on topics ranging from the prevalence and incidence of cerebral palsy in children and youth to pediatric mental health quality measures for health system improvement in the province.

“The conference gave us the opportunity to showcase the strength of our partnerships in child health across BC,” says Rita Janke, director of quality and evaluation with Child Health BC. “It also shows how through collaboration, we are determining quality gaps and identifying quality measures that are foundational for shared learning and system improvements informed by data.”

Check out the posters by our Child Health BC colleagues and collaborators.