CHBC launches provincial research to understand the Pediatric Early Warning System for Emergency Departments (BC PEWS ED)

Beginning in March 2018 and continuing in a phased approach throughout 2019, BC PEWS ED  is being implemented in Emergency Departments across the province.    Through this large-scale initiative, BC is the first to launch a comprehensive, systematic approach to addressing pediatric assessment across sites at all Tiers of Service.

Sites from each Tier were selected by their Health Authorities to participate in research, which will consist of surveys of direct care staff, comprehensive medical record review and analysis of administrative data.  This research will help us answer a number of defined questions, thereby deepening our understanding of how the Pediatric Early Warning System functions in the diverse Emergency Departments across our province.  Phase 1 of the research commenced on August 1 and will continue throughout 2020. 

If you would like more information about this research or BC PEWS ED, please reach out to your regional Coordinators, or contact PEWS Research Leads:  Kasra Hassani and Theresa McElroy